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Technical Solution

The patented design of Dvectis pad

Special design

Dvectis was designed for daily use. It is ergonomically shaped to allow comfortable sitting while bringing all the health benefits. Dvectis design ensures dynamism of the human body during sitting.

Quality materials and craftmanship

Dvectis pad consists of four functional layers:

  1. The top upholstery of mixed 100% polyester fabric is abrasion-resistant and comfortable to the touch.
  2. The second layer of thermally insulating foam ensures the ideal distribution of water vapours and air, and it also prevents heat from escaping.
  3. The third and the fourth layer consist of an array of dynamic-directional inserts, bidirectional membranes, and fixative strips, which provide active sitting.
  4. The last layer of PVC is designed to resemble leather (The finish ensures stability on the smooth surface and prevents moisture penetration).

Durability and long life

  • High quality materials and production technologies ensure a long product life.
  • Manufactural warranty on Dvectis products is one year
  • Dvectis pad is easy to clean thanks to its technical design and washable surface.
  • The sitting part of the pad can be easily cleaned with a brush and soap. Do not wash Dvectis pad in the washing machine!

Mobility and easy handling

  • Deflated Dvectis pad can be easily folded and carried anywhere you need.
  • Dvectis pad firmness can be adjusted individually according to your current health condition, needs and comfort.