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How to Use

Using Dvectis pad

Basic instructions

  • Inflate Dvectis up to 2 inches in height to ensure a balanced comfort level. As inflating or deflating, use front teeth to gently squeeze and release the air safety inside of the air valve for faster and easier air flow. Adjust the air volume as your comfort level allows. The o balance and core muscles strength needed tends to increases with the higher level of inflation.
  • At the beginning (the first two weeks), sit on the slightly inflated Dvectis for 5 to 10 minutes and repeat 10 to15 times a day. Allow 5 to 10 minutes breaks in between the sets. Gradually increase the time limits as your comfort level allows. As the deep core muscles get progressively stronger, you should feel more comfortable to sit on Dvectis for a longer period of time.
  • Place your dynamic-directional pad Dvectis to the front of the chair. Sit comfortably on the pad. Slightly spread your legs with the feet at on the ground. When sitting, your legs should be bent at 90° degree angle. Sit on the whole surface of the pad so that your tailbone is in a vertical line with the Dvectis logo that’s positioned on the pad.
  • Sit relaxed and feel free to change positions. Don‘t be discouraged by feeling slightly increased tension in your core muscles. It‘s a positive reactionto strengthening your muscles.
  • Dvectis is designed to help strengthen core muscles. Muscle soreness might occur as the muscles might not be used to the motions of dynamic sitting. Shorter or longer breaks are recommended as needed..
  • When sitting on Dvectis , make sure the chair is secured against slipping and falling.

Exercises for healthy sitting

  • Along with your Dvectis pad, your will receive a user manual containing a set of exercises for healthy sitting. You can also check the exercises at Exercises for Healthy Sitting.

Care and Maintenance

  • The sitting part of the pad can be easily cleaned with a brush and mild soap in warm (not hot) water..
  • Don't sew anything on Dvectis pad. It could damage its functionality.
  • Avoid contact of your Dvectis pad with sharp objects. It could damage the inflatable padding.
  • Do not wash your Dvectis in a washing machine.
  • Operating temperature is 45 – 110 °F.
  • Weight limit is 550 pounds.

Functionality guarantee

  • Dynamic-directional pad Dvectis is sold with one year manufacturer warranty.

Exercises for Healthy Sitting

  1. Isometric strengthening of the cervical spine from behind
  2. Isometric strengthening of the cervical spine from the front
  3. Strengthening of the interscapular muscles and scapula lower fixators
  4. Overall relieve
  5. Exercise aimed at relieving the lumbar, sacral spine section, tail bone and pelvic floor
  6. Exercise to relieve the tail bone
  7. Hip circling on Dvectis pad